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Trader Joe's Real Mistletoe

Trader Joe’s Real Mistletoe


Sprigs of real mistletoe, bundled together with wire and a bow.


Hang in your doorway, and wait for the kisses to roll in.

Real Mistletoe from Trader Joe'sFull disclosure, we’ve never seen real mistletoe before. Truthfully, we didn’t actually know it was something you could easily buy. Sure, we already have a cheap plastic representation of mistletoe, but it was a nice surprise to stumble upon this item at our local TJ’s so we could check out the real deal.

As with most holiday traditions, there’s plenty of stories about the origin of this holiday adornment, but one thing’s for sure – if you find yourself underneath a sprig of mistletoe, somebody owes you a kiss.

So what did we think of this Trader Joe’s product? In short, what’s not to love?! The little bundle is the perfect size for hanging, and it even comes attached to some bendable wire for easy installation. Also worth noting, it has a faint, herb-like aroma (it’s really only noticeable when you’re up close), and it is very very green – so much so that we wonder if it’s been dipped, sprayed or painted to augment the color.

All told, we had a lot of fun with our mistletoe, and we’ll be sure to grab a fresh batch next time Christmas rolls around. Plus, at $1.99, you can afford to get one for every doorway in your house! That’ll sure brighten up your spirits!



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Summary : This real mistletoe was a novelty for us, and it definitely didn't disappoint. Plus, at $1.99 it's a steal!

User Rating: 2.05 ( 7 votes)

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